Piping network

Can i draw a complete pipes network like fire fighting network based on a given locations and other informaion that i give to daynmo?

I don’t see why not. Give it a shot and see where you get. Note that this might be a bit more complex than a typical automation graph, so I’d recommend doing so research, building a plan of attack, and then creating it in stages. There are also several posts around the topic on the forum to break down some of the likely obstacles - might want to look around before you get going.

Yes!! I have already tried something that works this way. Places pipes, out of an Excel file, which have been generated from a pipenetwork in Civil 3D. I would recommend, just like Jacob said, to create a plan.

Also i would recommend using adaptive, parametric pipe families to create fitting pieces easily. :slight_smile:

sorry guys , iam new to this kind of stuff so can you please tell me keywords that i can search for it