Creating Fillet de line

I have run into a problem, I have the lists but I don’t know how to generate the fillet

I want to get to this


fillet1.dwg (925.6 KB)

FILLET.dyn (36.5 KB)

I don’t have civil 3d.

So I did try in Revit

try like this,

t1 = 15.2;
rectangle1 = Rectangle.ByWidthLength(t1, t1);
t2 = 4.1;
t3 = false;
polyCurve1 = PolyCurve.Fillet(rectangle1, t2, t3);
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Other way with Arc.ByFillet,

rectangle1 = Rectangle.ByWidthLength(2, 2);
curve1 = PolyCurve.Curves(rectangle1);
t2 = DSCore.List.Deconstruct(curve1);
t3 = DesignScript.Dictionary.ValueAtKey(t2, "first");
t4 = DesignScript.Dictionary.ValueAtKey(t2, "rest");
t5 = DSCore.List.AddItemToEnd(t3, curve1);
t1 = (0..1);
t6 = DSCore.List.Sublists(t5, t1, 1);
t7 = DSCore.List.DropItems(t6, -1);
t8 = DSCore.List.Deconstruct(t7@L2<1>);
t9 = DesignScript.Dictionary.ValueAtKey(t8, "first");
t10 = DesignScript.Dictionary.ValueAtKey(t8, "rest");
arc1 = Arc.ByFillet(t9, t10, 0.3);

No need to explode polylines in Civil 3D. Simply use PolyCurves.Fillet


@_Vijay Thank you very much for ideas
@Ge0rges you are absolutely right, your routine works very well

In fact, this is your script. I only optimized for you.
Keep practicing learning Dynamo …