Creating Electrical Equipment Schedule - Not Showing Expected Schedulable Fields


I am very new to Revit and Dynamo.

So far I have installed a load of packages to help me with my current problem, but using ScheduleView.CreateSchedule is showing me a lit of Schedulable Fields that I am not expecting.

Here is a copy of the nodes I have put together. This is copied from a post on this forum.

Looking at Revit, if I create a schedule based on Electrical Equipment, I see different fields that can be added to the schedule.

Why are the schedulable fields shown in Dynamo different and no matter what I make the initial Category selection in the Category Node, I always see the same fields.

Thanks in advance for any help.


I have realised the error.

My first creation of the schedule was wrong, then as I did not delete the schedule before fixing the error, I was seeing the fields for the wrong schedule.