Creating diagonals for Roof Truss

Hi there,

I am new to Dynamo and I have been trying to model a curved truss for structural analysis in Robot. However I am stuck at a part where I don’t know how to connect the points to create diagonals for the truss. I have observed how some people use the Line.bystartpointendpoint node to create that, but due to the nodes i’m using for my curved bars, I am uncertain about how to create the diagonals. May I ask for guidance on this please? I have attached my script and drawn the lines in red (in the image attached) that I would like to have the diagonals created.

Appreciate the help. Thank you!


Roof Truss Robot Script.dyn (70.5 KB)

Hi @efyst2,

I cleaned up your code and added a part for the trusses :smiley:, see images below:

2021-11-12 Roof Truss Script.dyn (59.9 KB)


Thank you!!! It cleared my doubt, appreciate it!