Creating and matching lists

Hello everybody,

I want to match two lists One gives me information about a component, out of a geometry, the second list is out of a schedule from revit. Is there a way if I can combine those two lists and sort them together?

Example: get door ID, Name from geometry and ToRoom from the door schedule.
123456, DoorA, belongs to Room25.

I checked already how to match lists, only with code blocks, are there any other possibilities without using them?

Hi @JuliaKaltenegger

Could you please drop some images what your looking for. Show us your complete graph where you got stuck.

Finally I found a solution for correct sorting my list.
My problem was to create a list with to from room, with including or listing all 0 rooms (so not defined rooms).
I used a python script, and replaced all non-defined with a Code Block “no room defined”

afterwards you can easily connect the result to the create list and include it in the correct order in your excel list.

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After creating a Excel List, I would like to make an export from Excel to CSV, in one workflow if possible.
I know there are possibilities to get external links and convert them to csv, but can i get directly, after creating a list, say something like file write to csv and export it to a csv file?

does anybody know somethnig about?

thanks, julia

what i found out … separate the scripts and get the excel file again in and creating a csv out of it.
maybe anyone can see where i am struggeling right now… he doesn´t do anything for file write to csv …

Hi Julia

I was wondering if you coul share your script.


Hey Samuel, of course. what exactly do you need? from xls to csv? or more? this was part of several workflows.

there I made a query for doors, get category, ask with a python script for the width in order to figure out if doors are bigger than 900 or not. further I translated it to CSV.

Query Parameter with Python and List.dyn (19.6 KB)


Thanks a lot Julia

Ill take a look to the script seems really interesting and fun. Thanks for sharing and developing scripts