Merging Data to a List

I’ve tried too many times to know all the strategies used to make it happen. This Semi-Noob is having a mental Block. Mainly I want to Sort by Mark 1st, then merge the Element ID with the Category Data (Mark, Comments, other data); Then have it Export with custom Headers to match it’s parameter alignment (to filter in Excel), which will then be altered in Excel then Imported back in. I just stopped where I was at when I just thru in the towel. Any guidance to understand the circumstances of this type of merging (the primer could only help me so much) & how to make it work is much appreciated. Thank you.

match by elements unique id, no sorting needed, its here on the forum, search for unique id

Thanks, that search helped me break through the mental wall I was having. Basically, this will now allow me to create Excel Templates based on Categories, then bring this script into the Dynamo Player. This will now make it easier for an Architect to update Data or the Estimator to export data for analysis into an Excel template with pre-made Pivot Tables & a Dashboard. Attached is the final product. Let me know if it can be refined to be very flexible/streamlined or if there could be a hiccup in my thought process.

Export From Excel Templates.dyn (19.2 KB)