Creating an analytical surface between a polycurve and a circle?

Is it possible to make a Surface between a closed polycurve and a circle? I have tried the “Surface.ByLoft” node. It looks like there is a problem creating a surface between two “closed” curves? The goal is to make an functional analytical Surface with an extursion in Robot.
Thanks a lot for any help!

In Dynamo:

In Robot:

Hi @571488

You could try cutting circle…

Thanks for the reply!

It still looks like the circle and the surface makes a closed curve:

We also tried to Connect the Analyze node “AnalyticalPanel.BySurface” to the Surface in our model, but same problem occurs. It lookes like the geometry is drawn as a closed curve in Robot, from a point on the Surface:

It will of course Work to seperate the circle and the Surface into two closed curves. But we do not know any way to cut with the cicle…


Is it an easier way to make an extrusion? It lookes like a dead end for us here…