Creating a very long Multi-Segment Grid

Hi Everyone,

I am new to Visual Programming and found this really interesting so I gave it a go.
What I am currently trying to achieve is to create a multi-segment grid in Revit which represents the proposed mainline chainage. So I did manage to extract the vertices information into a csv file and then fed it to Dynamo to start creating the grid but I’m currently stuck a this stage. I manage to create up to points by coordinates and is now trying to connect the dots hence creating the multi-segment grid. I am not sure if this is correct or possible so I would really appreciate a hand.

Thank you in advance.


What is the error message?
do you have a null problem or uneven list length?
AND Z needs to be plane, be carefull setting the Z value!

What about Line or PolyCurve, could that solve what you are trying to do?

Hi erfajo,

Thank you for responding.
I think I know the reason why I am having the errors. It is because of the short lines which are not meeting the grid by line criteria. Although I manage to create several instances of grids which I believe the node obviously will generate for me.

Just a though, is there a dynamo node for creating multi-segment grid. I feel that this will only work if I introduce design script which I’m just starting to learn as well.

No that is not possible. Grid segments are independent “line” segments. Since I don’t know exactly what your aim is, I suggested that Polycurve might be what you want (or nurbs curves).

I can see you have updated your graph. It looks like your segments is too small, could you remove half of the points and still gain what you are trying to achieve?

@mcvictoriano Are you looking to create multi segment grid?

what… i didnt knew that Revit can make curved grids by multi segmented lines… very nice :slight_smile:
but it is still bound to a horizontal plane, so whatever must be created needs to be horizontal.

  • and segments must not be too small :slight_smile: