Creating a tunnel using Excel coordinates

Hi @E_Gonthier974

Very interesting! would you mind sharing family file and screen shot of a script pls.


If you give it a try, you will find it is not that difficult…
If you have a specific problem- post back and someone on this forum will most likely help you

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you can Create Adoptive points from the Excel use dynamo then sweep it from family or you just create the profile from dynamo then loft it. simply :wink:

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Thanks @thiru2jack.
but i am new baby in dynamo, so dont know exact script to follow

I’ll get you started
(but don’t expect someone on this forum to give you a complete solution)

The attached will read an Excel file containing coordinates and create points in Dynamo.
This will get you 50% there- whether you decide to use an adaptive family between adjacent points, a sweep, or another method to create geometry


20180803 Sample Tunnel 1200 points.dyn (32.3 KB)
20180803 Sample Tunnel 1200 points.xlsx (67.7 KB)


Thank you very much.


Hello @E_Gonthier974

Hello Gonthier,

I realized the tunnel model based on the “theoretical” axis.
To do this, I created the ring family with 2 adaptives points that will be posed on the 2 points of this axis. However, the model exists the “clash” between the rings.

For your method, you can find the position of the ring n using the position of the ring n-1 and the axis of the tunnel. in this case, can you calculate the “key” position of the rings? or the “key” position is the input data from TBM?

thank you for your reply

Bonjour Gonthier,

J’ai réaliser le modèle du tunnel basé sur l’axe “théorique”.
Pour ce faire, j’ai crée la famille d’anneau avec 2 point adaptatives qui va être superposé au 2 points sur l’axe. Cependant, le modèle existe des “clash” entre des anneaux.

Pour votre méthode, vous pouvez trouver la position de l’anneau n en utilisant la position de l’anneau n-1 et l’axe du tunnel. dans ce cas, est ce que vous pouvez calculer la position “clé” des anneaux? ou la position “clé” est la donnée d’entrée depuis TBM?

Merci pour votre réponse

@Andrew_Hannell… I am interested on how your script works but kindly update the script, I have opened it and it says “File is corrupted”. thanks in advance

Sounds like you’re using Dynamo 1.x to open a Dynamo 2.x file as the file doesn’t appear to be corrupt for me. Try updating to 2.0.2 and see if that allows you to open it.

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@JacobSmall… thanks for the info. indeed I was running it on a lower version. I am totally new to dynamo… and these kind of forums are of big help… Cheers.

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Hello Ricardo! Can you share your script please.