Creating a Filled Region on a sheet

Hello All,

I am trying to create a filled region using dynamo (and a simple coordinate system) on a sheet. I need the patterns to be in rectangular shape, so I tried creating surfaces in Dynamo using a list of lines that I created but I cannot figure out how to place these surfaces on the sheet. I am aware that you cannot place filled regions directly on sheets (as far as I know), so the best method might be place them on a drafting view. Does anyone know how to create filled regions (the size dictated by me) in a drafting view using dynamo?

Thanks in advance, Eric


A few months ago I was trying to do the same thing and Konrad Sobon shared a workflow with me that he had experimented with. I have attached the file below but it will require some Python knowledge in case you or anyone else wants to take a crack at it? If I remember correctly, he was trying to develop a way to translate Rhino geometry into DS geometry that could eventually generate filled regions in Revit. My project team decided to go in a different direction and scrap using filled regions before I had a chance to get investigate Konrad’s methods. Creating filled regions using Dynamo has promising potential if anyone can figure it out!


Thanks Kyle, I will take a look at that method. I fear my objective requires much more python knowledge than I have but we will see I suppose!