3D Data Points to Cut Spline, Model Line

Hello, I am new to Dynamo and I have been given a set of datapoints in a text file. There are roughfly 8500 datapoints describing a 2.6mile path. The task is to create framing along the 3D spline. Initially, I would be able to split the spline at a desired length, but once imported in Revit I would like to have the ability to use model lines for future adjustments.

At this point I have tryed creating a polyline and a spline with this data. Below is the latest version of my attempt. Unfortunatly when loading this script into Revit, I am unable to select the ‘line’.

As a second point, is there a way to move these points such that one end of the ‘line’ will be at 0,0,0?

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A Dynamo Curve is not the same as a Revit Curve. Once you have your curves in Dynamo you’ll want to use ModelCurve.ByCurve to create the curves in Revit.

As for your second point, you just need to get the point you want at 0,0,0 and translate the whole group of points by its inverse coordinates.

Thanks for the reply. I will do just that.

Thanks for the advice. When using the model curve, the line is unfortunately no longer a smooth curve. Any tips on how to correct this error?

You’ll have to check the forums. I’ve seen posts about this sort of thing but I’m not too familiar with it.