Creating a box along a straight line

how do you create a box along a straight line?

I created a plan with the rectangle base and now I can not create the cuboid
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Maybe you could try something similar to this?


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I wanted to ask:
I saw your answer in Discussion: Lists of points ( :

—> Design beams with use of:


but not using beam axis rectum?
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After version 0.74 the node was updated not to need a vector any more. The functionality was broken and the vector didn’t change the cross-section rotation of the beam. So the only way to set the rotation of the beam is using the “Element.SetParameterByName” on the “Cross-Section Rotation” parameter of each beam.

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you’ve tried to use:
"Sweep By Planar Orientation"
is possible with a Path (s) = straight
I do not work

Are you referring to Eduardo’s custom node? If so , I don’t think it can work with a straight path, because the method is trying to create a plane by 3 points and you can’t do that on a straight line: