Creating 3D views for each room

How can i create a 3D view for each room , For example i have 10 rooms i want to create 10 3D views for each room


Any request on the forum needs some illustrations and details to be answered correctly, could you please send what you tried or found so far? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Trying to create 3d Room in revit using dynamo, this can be done, but the problem to me is creating 3d view for each room , that created by dynamo

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Please send a screenshot showing what you are trying and where it does not work

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i do not have anything to show , because i can not create nodes , i am just wondering how that thing can be done ? i think it’s clear

Apparently not: your request is not elligible on this forum, please type your keywords in the search field and come back with specific issues. See here for further details:

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actually it’s unbelievable that you did not understand even some of what i mean, if you worked a lot in dynamo you will really get what i want ,because many people i think looking for what i am looking for , it’s famous issue

What Yna_Db was getting at is that this forum is not a ask for a script and people will do it for you.

You have to show where you are up to, what the issue is with errors and other relevant information.


If you are wondering how things can be done, please use the search tool at the top right of this page before asking and try to make the discussion interesting for everybody by showing your real interest: