CreateSketchedRun - position generate error

My source code on C# work well for with this inputs with CreateSketchedRun:

            XYZ pnt1 = new XYZ(19, 0, 0);
            XYZ pnt2 = new XYZ(0, 0, 0);
            XYZ pnt3 = new XYZ(19, 3, 0);
            XYZ pnt4 = new XYZ(0, 3, 0);

The size of 19 units show me on dimension 582
The real Feet to centimeters conversion table for 19 is 579.12

If I want to change position for this point and move the CreateSketchedRun for point (X,Y) I get an error about:

“Run sketch cannot have a riser segment intersecting the boundary at more than 2 points. …”
Any idea ??