Created appearance asset has image file and category issues

Created appearance assets using AppearanceAsset.Create node.
Getting an empty image file and Stucco category.
Need the asset to be Generic Type and Default Category i think, so i can
set render color to match graphics. It does not work on these new assets.

I have since did a work around for this issue. In stead of creating a new asset to match the material name i duplicated the currently associated asset with new name matching material name. This give me a usable asset that the match color (graphics tab to appearance tab) works.

Still would like to know why the created asset is giving the issue.

I don’t know the code inside the AppareanceAsset.Create node (Orchid package) but I think it uses the AppearanceAssetElement Create method.
AppearanceAsset Create

According to my understanding, this method duplicates an existing asset from the Asset browser with its properties (category, color, image, glossiness…) to create the AppearanceAsset.
This could explain why you’re getting Stucco Category and empty Image in your new AppearanceAssets.

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Makes sense. I guess no choice in the matter.