Create Walls,Floors etc. Script


I am about to begin a project that involves creating a high number amount of wall types. I was just wondering if anyone has ever come up with a script that could speed up the process of creating wall types with different layers of materials etc. Maybe this a lot to ask for and cannot be achieved but I would just thought i’d ask the forum as I am currently brainstorming. Thanks.


can you show us what you have now?


This is an interesting question… I don’t believe there are nodes for doing it and it seems to require a bit of setup…

From this post’s link it seems that you can’t just create walls, and you cannot even add layers to walls… So all you can do is start with a template which contains a number of walls with different wall layer quantities…

Then you can maybe start to duplicate, rename and edit the properties of those pre made walls?

Good luck :slight_smile:


Hi Mark,

It is true that it is not possible to create a system family starting from scratch but you can add layers and there is already a node : Create Compound System FamilyType in Genius Loci package.

As you point out, the method is to duplicate a type and edit it (add layers, materials, functions, thickness, limits of Core layers)
This node works with compound family Types : Walls, Ceiling, Roof and Floor.



Great work Alban :slight_smile:

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Why does the layer (NumberOfShellLayersExterior, Interior) not work?


You have defined a wall with 4 layers but you provide only 1 thickness, 1 function and 1 material so it can’t work.

See below :


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