Create Wall by Face Not Working in complex geometry?

Create Wall by Face Not Working in complex geometry …

I try’it too many time

Can you show us what the error is?

it’s not shown in the project

please see the mass file

I’m having a similar issue with my geometry. The Node doesn’t return any errors, the wall just does not appear in the model.

Wall location is represented by an integer, where 0 means centreline, can you try that?
The face itself has some restrictions too, it has to be the face of a mass or generic model

or use the search button in the top right corner to find solutions

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Try to do this in Revit first. You will notice that the wall by face is created, but the two circular cutouts at each end are ignored. I think its because you are removing a large portion of the walls at their start and end conditions. These are also vertical surfaces, so Revit’s “Wall By Face” function will create a wall with a true location line.

Having said that, you can create these walls natively in Revit without Massing. It is simply two arc walls, with openings in the middle. I would do the carved out ends with an in-place wall void.

Generally Dynamo will not be able to do anything you can’t do in Revit manually. All Dynamo is doing is leveraging the API to allow you to automate tasks.

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