Create View Fiilter by Shared Parameter Or Project Parameter

Hi all.
I’m trying to create view filter by using Shared Parameter Name. I searched over this forum for pakages. Finally, i found Bakery Pakage which contains node “Create View Filter”. But this node just applies for buitInParameter Name.

I thought about using API python and have searched in the other forums. Then I saw this post related to my problem but i didn’t know exactly how to do next.
Would you please give me some advices about this problem?
Thanks a lot.

Hi all!
I just downloaded Archi-lab version 2016.12.1 and this package can create filter by shared parameter. I would like to attach picture of my dynamo file.

Unfortunately, This version of package only works with revit 2017 and Dynamo 1.2 while my company are using Revit 2014 and Dynamo 8.2 now. I tried to create my own custom node to solve my issue in Revit version 2014 but I don’t know how to retrieve shared parameter and create Rule Filter for it.
it inform warning like “TypeError: expected BuiltInParameter, got Parameter
Could you help me?
ViewFilter.dyn (8.3 KB)

Hi Vo_Minh_Doan, I’m having your same problem, trying to retrieve shared parameter and create Rule Filter for it. Did you finally find a solution for this problem?

I haven’t solve my problem with Revit 2014 version yet so i switched to Revit 2017-Dynamo 1.2.1 and used Archi-Lab Pakage.

Ok thanks

Archi-lab package does not support Revit 2014 and soon enough Dynamo will not also. I can only advise you to upgrade your Revit version.

Hi Konrad, yeah I know, but actually my company is working on a big project that started three years ago and they can´t switch to a new version. So I’m trying to edit a script in order to make it works. Now I stuck in a point: I need to use shared parameters, but I can only use builtin parameters. I found this code and but I tried to change it, but I didn’t find a method to do this

def GetBuiltInParam(paramName):
	builtInParams = System.Enum.GetValues(BuiltInParameter)
	test = []
	for i in builtInParams:
		if i.ToString() == paramName:
	return test [0]

cats = IN[0]
paramName = IN[1]


catList = []
for i in cats:

typedCatList = List[ElementId](catList)

bip = GetBuiltInParam(paramName)

I took a look to this page,, but I didn’t find a way to use this method. Do you have some advice for me?