Create Structural plan views as different family types

Hi, i am new to Dynamo and have just made my first few scripts, all of which partly work but still have a bit to go before i can fully utilize them. My first one creates plan views from my datum levels, and currently creates 6 structural plan views - my problem is it will create them all as a “Key plan” type and name them with a number after the level name, IE: Level 1(1), Level 1(2) etc. What i’m hoping to be able to do is set each new view as a different structural plan type such as “Marking plan” “Reinforcement plan” which are already setup in the project;. as well as rename them to something like “Level 1 MP” “Level 1 Reo” etc. Is this possible all within the one script? I tried uploading my script but being a new user I am not able to.

Attached screenshot of my script (showing most of the templates)

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That’s great, thanks! My only issue now is that while this works for a single view, i’m hoping to do the following two items with it:

Add it to my script above, so not only are my 6 structural plans created from my elevation datum, but they are renamed and the type is changed. Currently Dynamo creates “Level 1 (1)” Level 1 (2) etc. but I want every level suffixed with (1) to be re-named “post tension plan” and then the family type of all views suffixed with “post tension plan” To be changed to a post tension plan type. Would that work with some additions to this script?

See attached script and Screenshot of what I currently have. I am trying to change all view types suffixed with “BR” from “Key plan” To “Reinforcement plan”. The script currently works for one view, but not the rest. The “choose views” script seems to be doing what it should, it has returned a list of 11 plans all suffixed with “BR”. however having that plugged into my ‘element.setparameterbyname’ is only returning one result, not all 11. Any idea what I have done wrong here?

1C. Set plan type MULTIPLE.dyn (11.7 KB)

You just need to set lacing on longest on the node SetParameterValue.

Champion, Perfect thankyou! Totally forgot about the lacing, hopefully ill remember from now on :slight_smile: