Create solid o mass from surfaces

Hello everyone

I need help to create a solid form or mass (what applies best) from superfiecies. The shape to be created is shown in the attached figure. I need this to extract the volume of fill that is required for this particular dam.

thank you very much, I will be attentive to your recommendations!!

Hi, do you have the surfaces ready?? and can you share them so I can help you with?

Do you need a Dynamo script for it??

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This is the .rvt file, which comes from civil 3D in IFC format, try from dynamo to read the faces and generate the volume or solid, but can not do it.

I need a guide in dynamo to be able to do this and extract the volume of the dam.

Will it be possible?
thank you very much

Wall.rvt (2.1 MB)

Hi @williams.espinosa

I am working on something similar. My geometry is in SAT though.
In the final part of my graph i generate an array of spatial lines and check the intersecting points on my geometry.
It’s all done in the Conceptual Mass environment (where i can create points)

Here’s my script (work in progress, so bear with me) which you can use if you want, it may give you a first start.
But maybe you better wait a couple of days and see if something better comes up.

rig_01.dyn (109.9 KB)

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finally I managed to load a solid in the following way

  1. load .SAT file as a generic model
  2. apply code indicated in image, selecting from revit