Create solid from surfaces

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Iam trying to make a script to create a retaining wall( gonna make alot of these in the near future) Iam very close, but Iam missing the last bit:
Create a solid from the surfaces? I have tried a couple of approaches but none of them seems to get me where I want.

Anyone have any idea?


Hei Brage,

have you tried Solid.ByJoinedSurfaces?

Hi Einar,

Yes I have tried that node got an error message, I suspect that the node wont work since the surfaces is not closed(its an opening on both ends)…?

Sweeping a profile would perhaps be much easier:


Its different heights at the wall

You could use different profiles as indicated as a link in the post I mentioned.
But if you need to stick to your method, you could select all start and end points of your curves and try to create surfaces out of that. But I have tried it and I encountered difficulties. This is why I suggested another approach. Someone else could also have another solution in mind…

okey, thanks for the responds, will give it a try

A quick workaround to easily create the end surfaces, if you don’t need to repeat it too often, would be to use Select Edges + PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves + Surface.ByPatch

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