Create solid from corridor

Is there a node that creates solids from all regions of the corridor?
I’m sure I’ll use python script, but I’ve never learned python.

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Hi @oh_ruki,
I believe you are aware of the Corridor.GetSolids node as discussed in this post: Corridors.GetSolids - #3 by JowennLua. Note that you should have solids created in dwg first by using the Export Corridor Solids command on the ribbon.

hope this helps.


Thank you,@Assem.Daaboul
After all, I created a solid in Civil3D in advance and used the Corridor.GetSolids node …
Currently, I have confirmed that there is no node provided to create a corridor solid on Dynamo.

Everyone else,
If you have developed a script that allows you to create a corridor solid on Dynamo, please let us know.

Hi @oh_ruki,

You could skip any interaction with the API and use Dynamo to create the solids by loft from the shape codes. Notice the list levels and lacing.



Thank you, @mzjensen
I will try it!


Can’t get it working. see the error.

Thanks in advance

Hi @JPS,

The warning looks pretty self-explanatory. There’s probably an empty list somewhere in your list of points.

Hi @mzjensen,

I pasted the wrong screenshot. It doesn’t work because the points 3 and 4 are the same. But why is this, has this something to do with the subassembly, how the solid is created?

Make sure you have all of the list levels and node lacing set the same as the example I posted above. That can make a big difference.


I seem to be unable to reproduce the results. Not sure why. I believe the lacing is the set to the same as your above graph. It’s not producing as many points and I’m not sure why. Maybe something to do with shape codes?
ExtractCorridorSolids.dwg (4.8 MB)
ExtractCorridorSolids.dyn (19.1 KB)

I’m probably missing something really simple :sweat_smile:

Double-check the lacing on Baseline.PointsByShapeCodeAtNearestStation. Should be set to longest.

Works like a charm. I only checked levels and called it lacing in my previous comment :sweat_smile:. Thanks Zachri!

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Could you share script ?

ExtractCorridorSolids.dyn (22.4 KB)

This is what I have in my file (hopefully it’s the most updated, if not check lacing as mzjensen says above)


for me point 1&2 and 3&4 are coming same.

Not sure why without seeing more. Can use point.pruneduplicates

It’s not giving me 4 point of 4 corner of shape.