Create solid from corridor

Is there a node that creates solids from all regions of the corridor?
I’m sure I’ll use python script, but I’ve never learned python.

Hi @oh_ruki,
I believe you are aware of the Corridor.GetSolids node as discussed in this post: Corridors.GetSolids - #3 by JowennLua. Note that you should have solids created in dwg first by using the Export Corridor Solids command on the ribbon.

hope this helps.

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Thank you,@Assem.Daaboul
After all, I created a solid in Civil3D in advance and used the Corridor.GetSolids node …
Currently, I have confirmed that there is no node provided to create a corridor solid on Dynamo.

Everyone else,
If you have developed a script that allows you to create a corridor solid on Dynamo, please let us know.

Hi @oh_ruki,

You could skip any interaction with the API and use Dynamo to create the solids by loft from the shape codes. Notice the list levels and lacing.



Thank you, @mzjensen
I will try it!