Good day!
I can’t get the solid out of the corridor nodes - Corridors.GetSolids.
Civil 2020 Russian

Get soliids.dwg (911.9 KB)
Corridors solid.dyn (28.9 KB)

See this post…


Hi @durasovartyom ,

Thank you for sharing your sample dwg and dyn file. I agree with @keith.sowinski, Need to have a solid created from a corridor before using the Corridor.GetSolids node.

The workflow should be something similar to the attached animated gif.

  1. Create solid in Civil 3D from Corridor
  2. Update Dynamo and detach and re-attach Document.Current just to make sure it will update.
  3. Once you have the solid simply add object.geometry to convert C3D Corr Solid to Dyn Solid.



If I have my Corridor and Corridor solids in different file, this node won’t help to select the solid, right?

You can still get the solids by layer or type but not with this node

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@durasovartyom @keith.sowinski @JowennLua @vignesh.tpfepl

Have you built a workaround for the above?
I also received an update through Paolo Serra regarding Civil 3D Toolkit Feedback (unfortunately this cannot help us at the moment).

Thanks in advance.