Create room in schedule?

Hi all,

Is there a node in dynamo that will create a new, empty unplaced room?



Hi Keith


I’ve just created a new custom node called Room.CreateUnplaced. You can find it in the package manager under “BVN”.

I hope that helps.



Room Create

I think it most certainly will. Many thanks.



Alternatively use Room.UnplacedByNameAndNumber from pkg Clockwork…

Thanks Andreas, I have the Clockwork Package but must have missed that node! It’s been an incredibly useful package so far, thanks for all your efforts.


At a really basic level I’m getting sporadic results from the BVN node - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, need to test more to see what works and what doesn’t.

With the Clockwork node I can’t get it to create anything… I can only assume I’m setting it up wrong. Is the Phase field required or can this be left blank? If required what input is it looking for, will a code block with a value in quotes work?

I’ll post images tomorrow if I get a chance.



Sorry - been very busy and not had time to look at this again until now.

Paul, when I run your node I’m not getting any rooms being created. Instead the Watch node just show a Null value (see attached image). If I’m doing something wrong I’m struggling to see what it is…




Andreas, when I try to run your node I also get a Null result, although I must confess I’m not sure I’m completing the Phase input correctly, indeed, as the Phase isn’t normally set until the room is placed I’m not sure of the need for this? Anyway this is what I’ve got at present…



I also tried the Lunchbox node, but again I’m not sure what the purpose of the ‘toggle’ input is or what the input should be… again I’ve had no joy creating any rooms with it…


Anyone got any pointers or other suggestions?

Just noticed with the BVN node so long as I’m not in a schedule view it will run once but not thereafter…




Hi Keith,

The clockwork node needs an actual phase to work and not the name of the phase. You can do that quite easily with another cool node from clockwork called “Elements.FilterByName”:


However, be aware that the node can’t run in “Automatic” mode and will get your revit instance stuck in an infinite loop. That’s because new rooms are created every time you run the graph.

The Lunchbox node needs a boolean value for the toggle input - either true or false. That’s in part to go around the problem of infinite room creation caused by “Automatic” mode. Every time you flick the Bool switch, new rooms will be created.


Thanks Dimitar, that’s really helpful.


Hi Dimitar,

For some reason I’m same result as you. Are you able to to take a look and tell me the issue?

thank you!

unplaced room


Never mind, I got it to work.



This was the only thread that seemed related to my issue: It’s all nice to be able to create unplaced rooms in the schedule, but how can you place the rooms in the model from Dynamo? I can’t seem to figure out how to do that. Rooms are not behaving like other elements, I can’t seem to select a ‘family symbol’ to create a room in the model using ‘FamilyInstance.byPointAndLevel’ by point and level. There doesn’t seem to be any nodes dedicated to this task. Is this a limitation of the room category?