How do I create multiple unplaced rooms based on a list of their respective parameters?


I created a list containing rooms with different parameters and I would like to create a copy using the same parameters (i.e number, name, department…) changing only their phase from existing to unplaced. I got it to work but it only shows numbers and names for some reason.


Hi Borys,

If you could drop here screenshot or files of your work, you are more likely to get a response. Thanks :slight_smile:
Read this how to get help on Dynamo forum How to get help on the Dynamo forums

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Im using BVN to create the unplaced rooms.

Its working from my side. Make sure your in Plan view when you run the script. You can also use “LunchBox Create Room by Name and Number” from lunchbox package.


It seems to be working. However, the rooms duplicate if you run the code more then once (see image). I would like to avoid that without having to remove rooms. In other words, it should check if a room with the same name has already been created so it is not duplicated or replaced.

Can you show full graph with values.

This is the existing room schedule that is transfered to the “NOUVELLE” schedule. Tell me if you needed something else.

Show me your dynamo full script with values. And also what do you mean by {The rooms duplicate if you run the code more then once}.

Each time you hit run it creates rooms that is how dynamo works. However you can freeze nodes which you don’t want to perform the action.


Let’s say my coworker uses this script to copy 100 “existing” rooms to the “unplaced” schedule then edits them. After he’s finished, I decide to make 2 “existing” rooms in revit and want to transfer them into the “unplaced” schedule. However, I dont want to duplicate or overwrite the 100 rooms my coworker has transfered and edited.

Currently, it would add an extra 100 (unedited) rooms plus the 2 new rooms I made to the “unplaced” schedule VS. only the 2 new ones.

I figured it out on my own so I thought you would be interested to see how I did it. (to see the connectors right click and do open image in new tab)

If you have any tips on how to shorten this mess feel free to tell me.

That thing you’re doing with List.DropItems is very dangerous - it’ll only work if your new items are at the end of each list. Better re-use your filter on all the parameter values, too.

I agree, but i doubt there will be any problems regarding that since lists are organized automaticaly based on the time of creation, so if you want to copy a room you just made it will always show up at the end of the list. Here’s a picture of my most updated graph.