Create Point from Cursor Click in Civil3D Model Space


Does anybody know if there’s a way to create a point in Dynamo by selecting a location in model space in Civil 3D and gathering the x,y,z coordinates from the cursor click? I know that you can select an existing point in Civil 3D and get that info into Dynamo, but I’m trying to find a way to create a prompt in Dynamo Player that will allow the user to select a point on either side of a line to place blocks and orient them accordingly. As of now, I have a boolean input for the user to choose if the blocks should be oriented to the left or right of the line, but I would prefer to have the user click a point and for that information to be read to Dynamo as an x,y,z point instead.

Thanks in advance!

Not what you are asking for but a workaround encase this is not possible (your question is beyond me). You could have them select an object on one side of the line. Then get its center and have dynamo calculate the closest point. Food for thought.

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@mbrayN4L27 you can via Python and the AutoCAD API.

Select a Point.dyn (3.6 KB)


Good idea @Steven - thanks for the reply!

This is awesome, thanks for the info @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 ! I’ll try this out.

Follow up: did exactly what I needed! Thanks again.