Create point at center of selection

I am having trouble with what feels like what should be a really simple task. All I want to do is select a group of conduits in this instance and find and create a point directly in the center of the selection of pipe so I can place a rack family along a distance.

you can see from the lines in the image the conduit is running in 2 directions X & Y and I need a point right in the middle of the selection for both runs. I can get the first and last item and create points on the centers of every conduit in that run, I just cant figure out how use those points to generate one point directly in the center of the start and end points.

Like this?

I’m not exactly sure where you’re expecting your point to be. A diagram might be helpful.

I guess a diagram would help :slight_smile: Hope the snapshot I have here makes sense.

I am looking to place the point shown in red. basically just finding the distance from edge to edge in the x or y plane and putting a point right in the middle. as far as where the point sits along the length of the pipe, that part is not as important.