Create Pipe Run using python


I have been trying to use createpiperun method since many days but no luck so far. Did anyone had any chance to look at the API:

This doesn’t answer your question, but FYI the Camber package has nodes for pipe runs.


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Gets the PipeRun collection from

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Hi honey,

Thanks for your reply. I am not looking to get the piperun. I am trying to create pipe runs from polyline objects using Python.

Gets the PipeRun collection from

@hosneyalaa I am aware of that method but getting to struggle how to use it using python.

Hi Zack,

Camber package nodes are great but I can’t use that node because my input is featurelines. I am trying use python and play with the geometry to create from featurelines. If you could share similar function PressurePipeRun.ByObject using python would be great.

Thanks in Advance!

Pipe runs are still very new in the API so there is only one constructor (shown earlier). Even if your desired input objects are feature lines, you will have to convert them to polylines anyway. No other way around it.

Yes Zack that is my idea too. To convert to polylines and delete after creating pipe runs. Could you share an example how to construct createPipeRun in python?

Whenever I tried to use this method it shows an exception “Expected PressurePipeRunCollection got PressureNetwork”

Zack I manage to solve the exception. createPipeRun was in the PipeRun class I was using PipeRunCollection.createPipeRun.

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