Create Pipe from DWG

@c.barribaud Is this what your looking?


yes it’s this I’m looking for. Video goes too speed…

Hi all,
Can you see everything with this video.
We only use this method to create pipes on the layout.
For take off quantity when you want to ignore pipe fitting

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Hi! Could you paste graph here if it possible? Or what package used for this work?

Kulkul could you send me a snapshot of this definition or the a video for my mortal (not godspeed) eyes?

@i.tzivanidis Create Pipe or duct from dwg


Hello Thomas!

Quick Q: The node can convert to dynamo curves only lines/polylines from AutoCAD or archs and other entities as well?



Hi John

Yes, all curve types are supported: Nurbs/BSplines, circles, arcs, lines, polylines, spines, elliptical arcs, ellipses, shapes, complex shapes etc. Meshes are not supported (because Revit doesn’t support them) but you can explode them in Autocad to one of the aforementioned types before linking/importing to Revit. Also, text is not supported as no methods are exposed in the Revit API to find it!

I’ve made some big improvements to this node for v2.0 of bimorphNodes, including the ability to map LineStyles to the selected levels input (when converting to Revit Model lines), and a new variant called DetailLinesFromCADLayers which doesn’t really need much explaining… its due out soon, just in the process of finalising the release!

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I have try le version 1.4.1 but I cannot make it runs

Warning: Method ‘__func_0eeb8f98a56a4c60af50994a0f209a37()’ not found

Can I have some help, please ?

Hi @c.barribaud

Could you show us your complete graph with error expanded.

is it possible to share with me…
Iam looking also acad convert toe revit piping.

Hello @Kulkul Kulkul,

Great job.
Creating Duct from CAD.

i have a question.

how can we develop the model if we have double line drawing?

if we can develop the model using double line duct layout it will be the great work for us.

Thank You.



Fist I allso had a error code but i rerun it and now it runs fine. But it wont create pipe actual pipe. You can see in the 3D watch that it gets all lines.

@Thomas_Mahon @T_Pover Can you tell me where it went wrong? Ore what i’m doing wrong

Could you post a bigger version of your screenshot. I can’t quite read it.

Thx for the fast replay, I think the dynamobim form generated a lager version now. In this version you can zoom :slight_smile:

  • There is no error code Revit just ain’t generating pipe for reasons unknown to me.
  • Is it possible to add connectors at the intersections?

The dyn file: CAD_2.dyn (21.9 KB)

It seems like that python script is not doing anything. Try feeding in the lines directly:


Sweet :smile: you Fixt it.

Is it possible to add connectors at the intersections?

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That’s possible, but it requires a lot of planning in Dynamo. There’s a few nodes in MEPover package for creating fittings like Elbows, Tees and Taps as well.

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He Everyone,. The blue lines that I can not touch after the operation are occurring. I have tried two different scenarios and it is the same in both. Why could it be?Create Duct From CAD.dyn (7.6 KB)


Check the number of the Code Block node, before the Lists.GetItemAtIndex node, this needs to be one of the Systems types of the list.