Create pipe from 2 connectors

May be anybody can help me,
I want to create pipe between 2 connectors of pipes
this method from revitapi:

and all trouble you can see in similar Russian forum:соединить-трубы/

pipe.ConnectorManager.Connectors - we get the ConnectorSet

how Get Connector?

Hi @til.shviger

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Thank you kulkul ,
Im now about it and want to see what inside this node (python code) because im want to create the new pipe between 2 connectors in one python code

You need to iterate over the connectorset to get access to the connectors. You could check out the custom nodes in the MEPover package, there’s a bunch of them that work with connectors.

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im iterate in cycle
for x in connectorset:

and get cons[0] , cons[1]

how i may identify gived connectors?
for examole im want to get dimension between certain 2 connecors , but i dont now id of this connectors …e.t.c

You can get the Id of the connector with the Id property. Check out the Connectors properties to see all the properties you can access, including Id:

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thank you!
I’ll see …

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T_Pover ,
Thank you very much !
Its worked !

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