Create Pipe by Layout Error

Looking to the possible cause of this error

thanks Mike C

Maybe check write

Here is the actual error message

Thanks Mike C

Check link
Example pipe run

The profile to follow needs to be a child of the pipe run alignment. In other words, you can’t have it follow another profile that is defined for an alignment other than the pipe run alignment.

Here is the Drawing
I’m trying to get the Pipe run to follow the Layout (1) profile

I get the same error if I change the profile to “Existing”
Maybe i’m misunderstanding how the two profiles are not children if the alignment:

thanks Mike C

The Layout (1) profile you are trying to follow is part of the a_Test 1 alignment, which is a centerline alignment. The pipe run has its own alignment, which will be under the Miscellaneous category. You need to create a profile view for that alignment and draw the profile there. The pipe run cannot be set to follow a profile of a different alignment.

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This is working as I expected. I was unaware of pipe runs having a different alignment. from the pipe centerline

Many Thanks Mike C.