Create pipe by 2 level

Hello everybody on the forum.
I was seeing a routine here, which create walls with 2 level of references

Is there a possibility to create a vertical pipe using 2 level?
Would I define the bottom level, top level, diameter and system type?
I’ve been modifying this routine mentioned, but it won’t come out of 0

Pipes have only one reference level. You could use your two levels to determine the endpoint elevations, but you can’t create pipe with them. Also, make sure you’re using a valid creation method for the object you’re trying to create. Walls and Pipes aren’t created the same way, so trying to make a wall creation method work for your pipes likely won’t get you anywhere.

Here’s the easiest method for creating pipe with the API: Create Method (Document, ElementId, ElementId, ElementId, XYZ, XYZ)

Or you can use the MEPover package. It has many nodes for creating MEP system elements, including pipe.


Thanks a lot Nick

I will try by this method you suggested!