Create new materials with custom names and keynotes from txt file

Hi All,

I have a list (.txt) with custom keynotes and material names from which I want to make new materials in revit, using dynamo (and python). I found a topic (Create new material + thermal & physical properties using Dynamo: How?) that partially does what I need by using a python script but I can’t seem to figure out how to give the materials, created with the script, a custom keynote as in my list.

I just started to use dynamo and python so can someone help me with this?

here a very small example of the list (extracted from my architectural specifications):
keynote / material name
28.12.200 / materialen – beplating/gipsachtige platen
28.14.100 / materialen – folies/buitenfolies
28.15.100 / materialen – regelstructuur voor binnenafwerking/hout



Could you indicate how this was solved for future reference to the community, so if others have same issue they will know how to get round your issue?

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Yes, I’m working on something like this too.

Our people working on finishes don’t have much BIM knowledge, and usually create their finish schedule in Excel. I’d like to import it to materials in Revit so we can use material tags and smart schedules.

would you mind explaining how you did it?

Hi, these are the string and the python script I used

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Hi @Erfajo,
Which package is this?