Create multiple lines

Hi everyone!

I have some troubles craating some Autocad Lines from Dynamo lines.
IL want to use the node LineExtensiosn.ByGeometry, with a list of dynamo line… but the script only draws the first line.
Wher am i wrong?



@frederic.duhart try setting the lacing to Longest.

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It doesn’t work!

If the lacing is set to longest, it creates 29 lines (wich is not good for me) but it still only draw the first one…

I tried with the node Line.ByTwoPoints

…and still the same, only the first line…

Here is a dynamo script that generate 10 lines in dynamo… and only draw the first one.

I can’t understand…
Test_multi_lines.dyn (65.4 KB)

Hi @frederic.duhart

You where using the wrong node. Correct node is Document.ModelSpace:

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