Create Local file without opening central file

Good Morning,

I am trying to create several local copy of different central file.
I try this with Revit Batch Processor, but i want to do it without opening the centrale file.
I try to use the Rythm pachakge, but i didnt find the ways.
I just want the idea how to proceed and if it is possible or not.
thank you guyes

This sounds like a well intentioned work-around which will go off the rails. All locals need a central which they connect to, you could open the file detached and save a new central to your C drive and make a local from there but you won’t be able to sync to the original central again.

Why are you after this?

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I do not want to detach the local file.
In new project, i have several person working in the same centtral file, and i must create for each one his onw local copy to work on it… For some security reason, our BIM manager do not allow all modeler to have access to server, they only can open their local file, and synchronize.
What i needn, is to automate this task, specilly in this period, because we work on remote, and creating copy for each modeler take severel time

Creating the local requires opening the central. This is how Revit Worksharing works and as far as I know can not be circumvented.


it sounds like you should be working with BIM360 that way all of the remote people ONLY have access to one project and the BIM Manager can see if people try and do anything they are not allowed to.

Hello TOM,
It is not the case, we have an internal server in office. Each modeler should have a local copy to work with, but not all have the permission to acces this server. That is why we have coordinator who should prepare local copy for each Bim modeler.
The question is, i can do this automatically or not. I try to do it with Revit Batcher Prcessor, it was ok, but it is too long, so i want to try to do it with dynamo or API.