Create Lines, with specific line type


I would like to create a Revit Model Line, but with a line type, that i can specify, instead of just Lines.

At the moment I have create Lines with a litle help from <i>“Clockwork</i>” (thanks!!)

WallToModelLinesThe perfect nodes would give me a chance to select different lines, for different wall type, i.e. Interior, Curtain Wall etc.


I am sure that someone in here are able to help…!? :slight_smile:


Wall Lines


The below discussion might prove helpful for your work flow:


Thanks Dimitar…

I seems similar to the solution i came up with, with some help from Konrad K Sobon (…


I think it is very nice, that there are so quick and so qualified answers. Which makes is easy to move on, and expand competences… Thanks to you both…


I have “attached” my end result…