Create Layouts with Dynamo - By Profile View

I hav’nt seen much on creating new layouts from Dynamo. Is it possible or is the API just not available? I would specifically like to try to create Plan Profile Layouts based on the Profile Views and just drop them in a Template paper Space. Save time and drawing size over the whole Create View Frames, etc routine. I’m happy to put it all together if anyone can Python the key nodes to create Plan-Profile Layouts from Profile Views choosing a Template.

Hi @nick.turner66KAP

Sorry but not very much clear what you are trying to achieve with the help of Dynamo.
Can you please breakup the task in steps and if possible some screen shots will also help.

Hey @shahid.shaikh_C3D

Overall, I am looking to run Sheet Production for Plan Profile Sheets through Dynamo. Ideally, Select a Profile View, then the script selects a Plan-Profile Template dwt with those vieports and creates a new Layout Tab with the Plan-Profile Layout for that Profile View. Similar to just running the ‘Create View Frame-Create Sheets’ standard routine, but without the slowness of that and the way it makes the drawing really large. This would be great for many people to have for Civil 3D. Thanks!

Hi @nick.turner66KAP,

Didnt had much exposer for requested workflow but will suggest to have a look at sheet set manager package by @AdammReilly this package have lots of nodes which will help you to get going.

Shahid, yes @adammreily ‘s SSM nodes are fantastic. What I can’t get done is create Layouts in the first place.

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Just incase this might help, here is a script I made using Adam’s SSM Package to make layouts in SSM. I import info from excel to make the filenames and set some of the standard ssm sheet properties.
Sheet Set-Create Sheets v1.dyn (94.2 KB)
Sheet Set-Create Sheets.xlsx (12.3 KB)


Please, what do we put here in this node ?
Is it possible to attach an example drawing?

Thanks for the script @KirkWM this is really helpful.

any idea why i am getting this error, am i missing something ?

@hosneyalaa this is for the .dst file which is the sheet set database for the project.

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@shahid.shaikh_C3D I’m not sure about that error, maybe @AdammReilly knows. What version of the package did you install for what version of C3D?

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That’s typically the error you’ll get from a mismatch in Civil 3D and package versions.
If you’re on C3D 2020 you’ll need to make sure you’re using package version 2020.3.50 If you’re on C3D 2021, use package version 2021.3.53.
I haven’t been able to post an update for C3D 2022 yet, so you won’t be able to use the package for that release, yet.


Here’s an updated script which checks the “sheet storage location” specified in the .dst for existing .dwgs so you don’t overwrite existing files, which is the default behavior. Found this out the hard way this morning. This script now also needs the Clockwork package for the “any true” node.
Sheet Set-Create Sheets v2.dyn (153.1 KB)

@AdammReilly perhaps a suggestion to add in an input for controlling file overwrite for sheet creation?

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Super cool Kirk. I was trying to add to yours having some way to designate the actual Viewport Extents and scale, but not having much luck with stock nodes. Setting those Plan-Profile sheets to auto-create from an alignment would sure be slick.

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Thanks. I haven’t seen a way to make viewports, from scratch, with dynamo, and I bet this would tricky as you would first have to create it using paper space coordinates;
perhaps xref in a titleblock at 0,0 in inches and draw a polyline for the viewport and use that to create a viewport using those coordinates. I could also see a node that utilizes an existing viewport and user feeds it view+annotation scale, rotation, and a center point, perhaps even a viewport clipping object.
If you have a bunch of viewports, you can use the Civil3DToolkit to put all those viewport boundaries in model space as polylines and that can be helpful as well: viewports PS to MS v4.dyn (55.8 KB)

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Hey quick question on this one. Does this script create a different DWG for each page? Or does it create new layout tabs in one DWG for each page?

If it does the former, do we know how to do the latter?

The script doesn’t make any new dwgs or make any new layouts; it adds layouts from different dwgs into a sheet set which can be used for batch plotting and attribute/titleblock management. I haven’t found a way to automate creation of new layouts using Dynamo.

Agree with @KirkWM, no way I have found to create layouts. It can be done with C-programming.


It’s on the roadmap for Camber. Anyone want to help write it?


Creating layouts is possible with the nodes in Camber v3.0.0.