Create Hatch Pattern from Selection


Thank you @Jonathan.Olesen. It was conflicting versions and packages. I uninstalled all the older versions of Dynamo and it worked like a charm.



Hi @bradshales,
Maybe you have found this by now, but just in case, perhaps this is what you were looking for?

If you change the units from “INCH” to “MM”, I wonder how that affects the output. It will still show “IN” in the Slope Tolerance Results, but it will probably mean something else. In any case, this may justify another update for the graph so that the outputs are still useful outside of the imperial world.

Just out of curiosity, I am guessing that when you run Dynamo on a Metric model, that the default units are in Meters?



Awesome! Thanks @Jonathan.Olesen and @kloffredo . It seems like the graph is in working order. I will take the issue off the update list.

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Hi @dcmasten1

Just one more quick question. I am receiving this error when attempting to create my hatch. Do you know of any ways to correct this error with out changing the scale of the hatch pattern I made? Spacing



Hi @kloffredo

I think I might know why. Can you send me a screenshot of your sketch and tell me how large it is?



Thanks @dcmasten1



Huh, well I guess that wasn’t very helpful…
I was successful the first time.

Not to mention that the slopes in this pattern are perfect for hatches; they don’t require any correction.
I am guessing that you are using the latest version of the graph. Maybe you would like to try loading the pattern that I made from your sketch.
new pattern.txt (3.1 KB)
If that works, then we know there is something different in your Dynamo settings that produced your pattern.
If it doesn’t work, then there is something else going on in your Revit settings. That’s all assuming that the sketches are the actually same.
If a slope requires correction, and the result is still a dashed line that takes over 100 feet before it can repeat again in the exact same place on a grid - then you won’t be able to load it unless you reduce your slope tolerance settings when you make the pattern.
I’m not sure if that made any sense, but the message you received from Revit means that you are at battle with the limits of the program. If you have any luck @kloffredo, let me know how it goes.

Here is a shot from my player as well. If your settings are the same and slope tolerance results are different, then we know that our sketches are different as well.



Hi, it looks good. But when I try to import the patternfile I get an error: No “Model” type pattern found.And I see that numbers are with comma instead of dot. How do i Change this?



Hi @Kjell_Vidar_Andersen,
Maybe you can change your file from a .pat to a .txt and send it my way.
By the way, are you using it in Revit, or Autocad?



Thanks, Im using Revit,
file is attached
Tiles.txt (1.1 KB)



Hey there,

Quick update, we were able to resolve the line spacing warning by removing all lines that were less than 6". I believe Revit will display a warning if it thinks it will not be able to display a line in the hatch correctly. We also were able to fix the warning in another hatch by lowering the slope correction slider from 25 to about 22. If you bring the slope correction any lower it starts messing up your hatch.



Interesting. At this point, I’d have to see a revit file, and run Dynamo while open, to know what is going on. If were to replace many of the commas with decimal points, it seems like your sketch is still gigantic. If a revit file link is difficult, maybe you can send me a sketch with dimensions instead?




Atttached is Revit file and a picture of one of the hatches i trying to make.Project1.rvt (1.1 MB)



Hi i am having the same problem. Is it maybe because we are working in mm instead of IN?



Hey @dcmasten1, is there anyway to create a circular hatch? If not, can you think of a way that might make it happen?

Thank you!



This looks brilliant. However I’m also getting the “No MODEL type patterns found” error when trying to add the hatch pattern in Revit.



in some countries use Meters (e.g. 2.1m) & some Milliliters (e.g. 2100mm)



First of all, I like to thanks dcmasten1 initial this Dynamo Graph for Hatch pattern file creation and all of those contributed efforts to make it better so far. That are excellent works.Ultra Hatch_MM.dyn (137.4 KB)
I modified the graph to suit for my own needs and guess it may help another too. The attached Dyn is work for mm unit only, and I re-route the graph, changing the repeating tile method. I use the “Hidden Lines” to determine the repeat tile boundary rather than the original graph calculating the overall selected lines.
Target Pattern:
Analysis the repeat tile on the target pattern:

Determined single repeating tile for Dynamo Graph



pat. file don’t take circular and curve, only lines. you can try the create your curve and circular with segments of lines.



Nice job @Mike_Chan,
It seems like the native graph had scaling issues when switching to MM.
Glad that you found a way!

And yes @kloffredo, the issue is with the file type. Otherwise you are stuck with arrays of detail groups.