Create groups associating to several tabs of the spreadsheet.

Good Morning!

I’m developing a routine that exports civil data to an Excel spreadsheet. However, I find it difficult to separate and associate groups for each tab of the spreadsheet. Would there be any Node or Python code that would do this?

Hi @ifgmotta,

It’s not clear to me exactly what you’re looking to achieve. Can you upload some screenshots of your graph and explain further?

Example: I would like the list 1 group to go to the list 2 tab in the spreadsheet. And so for the other groups according to their names, Valletta, Meio fio… However, when I run the routine, the data are all on the same tab. According to the image below:

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Excel takes data in a specific format. You have to get your data aligned to that format.

Each sheet/sheetName has a dataset (list) of rows (sublist) and columns (items within sublists). To have multiple sheets you just need to stack sheetNames and their datasets into their respective lists.

This may help, especially the section about list levels.

Thank you so much!