Create floor as one piece from multiple surfaces - vaulted etc


Does anyone know a script that can convert multiple surfaces (they are vaulted and arched) to floor - ideally one piece but can be multiple pieces.

I looked at springs.directshape but it only does one face whereas the element in Revit has 10+ faces

This is how the family looks.

You would need to select the intersection points and control points at the perimeter (assuming they are at the edges of the surfaces), then create a floor object from the footprint of the combined surfaces. I believe Clockwork package has a node which takes a floor and points and pulls the floor to those points, however the big limitation is the fact it will be faceted. That’s floor objects for you.

The only exception to this rule, where floors can exhibit double curvature, is when a floor object comprises four points and one of the points is moved out-of-plane.


thanks, im giving it ago

got this far so far!

very much trial and error at the moment

Hi @jstillplowman

Another possible way is to select all faces -> join all the surfaces by one surface -> Extrude as Solid -> finally Springs.DirectShape.

Hi @Kulkul

Stuck with that too :sweat:

I have uploaded a revit project with family in - the aim is to make the adaptive component either floor/roof/ceiling? to make it room bounding for volume calculations.


@jstillplowman Here is one of the possible way.

Here is the Revit file which has got the direct shape G-CEILINGEXAMPLE-ADAPTIVE-NEEDTOBEROOMBOUNDING(Kulkul).rvt (2.8 MB)

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That works, but Revit is being awkward as usual and it isnt seeing it as a bounding element ( i guess because of the small holes within the adaptive family) and that its more of an organic shape?