How to combine multiple floors into a single

Hi,I’m a new learner ,form China
And the question is “How to Combine multiple floors(same level) into a single”
I’ve searched in the forum or other place many times,but there is no right way.

it is easy to Decompose the floor(which Composed of several blocks) into many blocks:once get the outline of the floor,we can use the node “Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel” to rebuild new Separate floors。

But how to reverse operation by Dynamo?

Many thanks



unfortunately the Revit API does not permit floor creation with multiple loops. You can only generate a floor with a single loop.

not an answer to your question, but I found this on you tube and it seems fairly interesting.

it costs 22$
Any idea on how to replicate it?

Get the curves, sort the curve loops by their perimeter, create a floor from the curve loop with the biggest perimeter and openings from the rest. You might also need to determine if a curve loop is entirely inside another and group them.

HI ! I’m interrested in getting the curves of the floors in dynamo. How do you do this?

thanks to your reply
shall i use python scrpt to do this?
will help us to do it?

There is a plugin, which can be combined or intersected, but it can’t merge the floors separated from each other.

Dear caoyecheng,
What is the name of the plugin?