Create curved column adaptive with Dynamo


I have created many curves, that will be used as column axis (as sweep rail).
I will make a profile for this column as a adaptive Family and want to apply this adaptive family in dynamo with adaptive component.
That means, the profile (adaptive family) will be like swept according to the curves in dynamo.

Is it possible, to make a curved column in Revit with Dynamo, like the idea above?
If yes, where can I find some examples to learn myself?


Hi y.KWON,

How many points do you have in your Adaptive family?


for simply adaptive family, two points and for complex form, has three points!

@y.KWON — If your ACs are to follow a curve that is not a straight line, you will always need at least three placement points. However, since AC performance is quite poor, why not generate the curve geometry entirely in Dynamo and then bring it to Revit as a DirectShape? That way your columns would actually end up in the correct category as well. (In either case, they will not have the behaviour of a “normal” structural column, though…)

Dear Andreas, Thanks for you comment,
I tried DirectShape too but, through DirectShape baked(?) Column with Profile won’t be editable, like usual Family Element in Revit. I also tried directshape in spring package. it makes better instance but not usual 100%.

Can you give me some link, how I can work with Geometry, which is with DirectShape exported to Revit?


@y.KWON - DirectShapes are baked geometry that is not editable in Revit. If you need to edit the geometry in Revit, ACs are indeed the correct choice even though they’re expensice performancewise.