Sorting Cogo Points into Point Groups via Raw Description within Dynamo

Hello, I’m looking for a way to sort cogo points into their respective point groups after they have been generated via CSV in Dynamo.

Current node workflow within Dynamo is as follows:

  • Data.ImportCSV
  • Point.ByCoordinates
  • CogoPoint.ByGeometry
  • CogoPointGroup.ByCogoPoints

Was able to utilize a List.UniqueItems for the raw descriptions so it only creates one instance of the point group, but at this point every single point goes into each point group that is created. I’m hoping that I can get Dynamo to read each cogo point by their raw descriptions and then sort into their respective point groups.

Any ideas?

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Can you share a CSV, DYN and any other related files?

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Looks like it won’t let me attach CSV here, but I’ve created a drawing with the current output. DYN and DWG attached.(OUTPUT)_RD109-MDK-M3-C-0004_MADOT-MQTO_MDPT.dwg (1.2 MB) RD109-INF-0003_MADOT-MQTO_MDPT.dyn (53.7 KB)

can you rename the CSV to a file.csv.txt and attach that?

Sorry about that! Attached. [RD109-RP-003_MADOT_PayItemList.csv.txt|attachment](upload://v8SpQiObrSkkXo59hTRD109-RP-004_MADOT_MDPT.csv.txt (318 Bytes) KFueD8hMW.txt) (616 Bytes)

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RD109-RP-003_MADOT_PayItemList.csv.txt (616 Bytes)

Hey Jacob, just wanted to touch back on this and see if you had any ideas? I think I should be able to get back to attempting a python script soon, but wanted to check and see if you had a chance to glance at it.

Okay I got it to work on a limited basis and have attached an updated script for anyone that was interested in the potential workflow.RD109-INF-0003_MADOT-MQTO_MDPT.dyn (75.6 KB)
The issue I’m currently dealing with is trying to maintain a dynamic relationship with the point groups after import. The point group is created “with numbers matching” checked in the include tab of the point group properties. If I could only get it to create the point group “with raw descriptions matching” checked.