Create bounding box around Families?

Hello Dynos,

I try to collect some stuff allong a spline and rename it. It doesn`t work :frowning: . I think there is something missing.
I tried it with Element.Geometry but revit crashes, when i do that. How can I solve this step?



Try the OOTB Element.BoundingBox node perhaps?

I tried … even than collapsing. I will shut down the preview and i hope that it will work.

Maybe it could be too much i have 300 Elements/view… Sample.dyn (33.2 KB)

Yeah give that a try and if it still acts weird, try providing some sample files (Revit + dyn) to try with. :slight_smile:

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It might be something with the revit elements themselves. Are you able to provide a sample RFA of the parking family you are trying to renumber?

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Groups perhaps?

Try with a few elements first and gradually add more, see if the amount of elements is the issue or the elements themselves or a specific element.


it works in a small model, when i do it in the big one it is colapsing :frowning:

A workarround could also be, to make a excelsheet with numbers and import the raw.

Thank you for your inspiration.



Another option could be to extract parameters from the elements and construct the bounding box yourself in Dynamo with geometry.