Create a View organization scheme with Dynamo


I am interested if I can use Dynamo to create a View organization scheme, set up rules for grouping and sorting, and apply the scheme to the project.

The idea is to duplicate the functionality of the user interface in Revit into a Dynamo script that can be applied to different already existing projects. The script will be used both for creating schemes for views and schedules.
The Revit functionality:

Grouping and sorting will depend on two(more) project parameters (for the view/schedule categories) that will be already imported into the project before running the script.

Is there a node for creating a new “organization scheme” as in the Revit UI?

The ultimate goal is that after the View organization scheme is created and applied, I want to apply the node “Element.SetParameterByName” to the views i need with another script that I am working on.


It’s exposed in the api, but it seems you can only read the current organizations and can’t creat a new one :frowning:

It indeed seems so.

I hope we get this functionality in the future.

Thank you for the reply!