Create a PointGroup by Descriptions

Hi I’m new to Dynamo, I’m trying to create a point group by similar descriptions.
for example I’d like to get all the SPTU in one point group and HDY points in another.
I’ve been bumping my head with this for a day or so any help is welcomed


Hi @Rich.Cald77,

Does this work for you? From here you would plug the “groups” output into a CogoPointGroup.ByCogoPoints node to actually create the groups.


Thank you worked perfectly

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great use of combining string nodes!

I have a question when creating the groups I want the points they contain to be according to their name, how could I generate that


@Christhian I don’t think that is currently possible with the way that point groups are implemented in Dynamo. You would need to be able to define the query for the point group, which is possible through the API but might be more trouble than it’s worth.


Thank you for the answer.

can you tell me how make more group points in same time please ?

Some info about Point group management in the new Dynamo Primer
Point Group Management - Dynamo (

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thank you but i want make point groups from excel file with diffrent description

Hi, try this workflow, if you want to create more point groups without points.

Maybe this is helping you

thank you

thank you