Creat Group of points from a dictionary

Hi,I hope you are having a good day, I´m new in dynamo, and i try to optimize my workflow. I need make a rutine to create group of points from a txt file or the object _All Point, i found the solution of this here, but I want to agroup a several descritors in one group, for example creating a dictionary and get the name of group from keys and in the values save the names of points descriptors of this group.
And If is posible isolate each group of point and export to ACAD in one file for group, I use the comand ExportToAutoCad2010 for this.

I have really tried to create this but I have not succeeded, please help and sorry for my english!

Thanks for your time!

It sounds like this would be possible but it’s hard to talk specifics just based on the description. Can you show an example of what you’re wanting with your current dataset and the grouping/output you’re expecting?