Create a pipe with a Line

I create a new family pipe for my project.
And now I want to create a pipe system allow a line which I link from cad or a random line a draw in revit.

How to do it ?

Hi @hairido02022002 I would assume you could adapt the graph @sovitek gave you earlier as a starting point.

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First off, you need to put in some effort yourself. This is not a place to ask for others to do work for you. You need to take the time to understand what it is you’re fundamentally trying to accomplish and how you would logically go about that in Dynamo/Revit.

Systems in Revit have to come from a “source”, typically equipment or fixtures with the appropriate connector settings. Pipe is specifically setup to inherit the system it is connected to and therefore can’t create or maintain its own system.

If you don’t have an existing system, you need to create one through the appropriate channels and then add the pipe to that system. The MEPover package should have a bunch of nodes to help with this.


yeah…guess the user means pile :wink: but not sure @hairido02022002 can you confirm is it pipe or pile ?

thank you so much.
I try my best

I mean pipe, sir.

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ärhh yeah it make sense, now i read it again :wink: :wink: is it something here ?



Thank you so much.
I appreciate your help.
Can you give me it

I only have an image…try follow that

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