Create a node that handles functions like List.Map in Zerotouch


I was wondering if it is possible to create a zerotouch based node that can handle functions? I want to import a custom node that can accept functions as input.


Hi Mohammed, this is a good question, I just tried with Action and Func and of course these are not _SingleFunctionObjects which are .ds types so a correct overload could not be found. I’m not sure if this is possible right now, you could write your function in .ds though I think!

Please post this to the github page to get the right eyes on it.

also, have you looked at how map is implemented:

I know it’s not as simple as zero touch but might be a viable workaround for now.

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply. I will try creating a custom node and use as the base. I will post it on Github, if I could not solve it myself.