Create a list for each family type and all variations of a parameter

I’m trying to list out all the variations for a specific parameter I have for a title sheet and then combine them into a new list with each title sheet at the highest level and each parameter variation for that family type.

In the graph below I have all the title sheets and parameters for a nested family, I’ve combined those two and listed out all unique combinations

I would like to create a new list for each title sheet (A and B) and the parameter variations (1 to 4) for each as below

I know this is probably easy, I just can’t seem to find the way to do this.

Hi @JoziB,

Would it be possible for you to share your files?
Also can you describe what you want to do in conjunction with your graph instead of using hypothetical sheets (A-B) and parameters (1-4)?

SortByKey and GroupByKey. Get all title block instances sort and group by family type and then sort and group by parameter value.

Yeah no problem, dyn attached and two title blocks

We have to set a status for all our sheets when issuing out drawings, the status codes are a nested family tied to a label parameter.

The idea was to use Data Shapes to set a status code for each sheet (rather than manually sheet by sheet, as it’s a shared parameter I can’t schedule the titleblocks). I ran into some issues previously when trying to do it, this is another attempt at working it out. This is the previous attempt at it where I was opening each titleblock family to get the nested family ID which didn’t work.

It’s a little bit of a hacky way I’m going about it, I have one sheet view with all my title block families (A0/A1/A2/Etc Landscape/Portrait), each title block has a different status code set for the label parameter. My intention was to;

  • Get all title blocks in the project
  • Get status codes (label parameter) for all family instances
  • Filter down all the unique title blocks + status code combination to get a list of all A0/A1/etc sheets with a sublist of all status code families and their ID

Further down the graph what I want to do is to pull the correct status code ID for each sheet variation and use that to set the status code for the sheets picked in the Data Shapes.

The attached is only the filtering bit of the graph, I’m still re-working the overall graph in which I’ll use this in.

Titleblock_A1_Landscape_Rotated.rfa (468 KB) Titleblock_A1_Landscape.rfa (468 KB) Get all Sheets and nested families.dyn (23.1 KB)

I’m not sure I follow how to do this @Nick_Boyts

Look into those nodes. Check the forums for examples. This type of thing gets covered a lot. It may not be the exact same situation but there are many instances of people trying to sort or group elements by two parameters. That’s essentially all you’re doing.

Hi @JoziB,

Sorry for the late reply.
I hope this is what you need.

Get all Sheets and nested families-Updated.dyn (26.8 KB)

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@AmolShah yes, perfect! I think that exactly what I need to do the next part of what I’m hoping to achive (no doubt I’ll be posting again).

I didn’t fully understand how to use the “group by key” node but I can see it now. Thanks for helping out.

Glad that it worked out for you.
Eventually you will master those nodes for sure!

Don’t forget to mark the solution so others can learn from your post!

Yes it did, I couldn’t however figure out the next bit I wanted to do but I might ask one of the guys in the office and do some searching before I post again :joy:


A big element of it is that I’m not constantly using it and forget things over time. I could probably do with going over the primer or other tutorials from time to time.

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